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Kingsgate Excavating provides equipment geared for British Colum
bia's rugged wilderness. Machines are guarded for operator safety. We are equipped with fire suppression apparatus, spill kits and communication in compliance with the forestry practices code and in order to maintain safety and conserve the environment.

Kingsgate has taken a leadership role, working with the British Columbia Ministry of Forests and with Lumber Mills throughout the province in the invention of reforestation tools. Kingsgate has been instrumental in inventing and developing tools and attachments for excavators and other heavy machinery including the invention of: the Tillar Bucket, a rear rake attachment for a bulldozer, the 2-shank ripper for stump removal, as well as other significant contributions.

Other companies around the province are now utilizing these inventions, aiding in the reforestation of British Columbia.

Kingsgate's Silviculture division specializes in:

Logging road de-activation,
Disc trenching,
Tillar mounding,
... to name a few




Pipe Work
Snow Removal

Kingsgate Excavating is very pro-active in forest fire fighting. Our dozers and water trucks are available for fire fighter support.


A small logging division is available for selective logging and/or land clearing. Kingsgate Excavating carefully manages these operations to ensure that the area is left in a park-like manner.